Our Services


We offer services for companies, groups and individuals

We are a professional team with extensive experience on appraisal of a variety of Residential Appraisals throughout the regions of the GTA including York, Peel, Dufferin, Simcoe, Durham and surrounding areas. Our services are fast, competitive and reliable. We provide various types of appraisal services for lenders, business owners, homeowners or investors.


Mortgage Financing/Refinancing

You may need an appraisal If you’re buying, looking to refinance your property, or needing to sell your house. We can estimate the market value of your property to let you decide appropriately about your listing or offering options.

New-Construction and “As-If-Complete” Value

 P.A.R.S Inc. provides professional appraisal inspections for new and proposed construction assignments throughout G.T.A area.

Progress Inspections

Visit and inspection of new construction sites and report of construction progress on detail for mortgage financing, contract management or courts

Custom builds

Valuation of high-end properties with custom build features and estimation of market value based on custom design

Rural properties

Appraisal of big lots and rural properties by considering economies of scale for excess land and client’s specifications and instructions

Divorce/Matrimonial Support

Estimation of retrospective and present value for divorce/ Matrimonial support or  any court claims

Estate Settlement

 Value estimation for process of estate settlement

Assessment Appeals

Assessment appeal for tax review request and appeals